A Context for iMovie

In common with most school districts in the world, mine has been struggling with how to support iPads in a shared environment of a system level. We have also made considerable efforts to ensure that the use of technology in the classroom is embedded in the curriculum and student learning experience, not merely an add-on or a flash new toy. The SAMR model continues to be valuable tool in guiding this conversation.

One of the benefits of the iPad in the classroom has been the ease of use, and nowhere is this more evident than in iMovie. This is my preferred “introduction to the iPad” app during PD session, simply because it gives novice users a sense of how to handle the iPad, how to use the camera features, and the confidence surge at the end in terms of how professional the finished product can look. I also make it very clear that simply making a movie is not necessarily addressing curriculum, and that a lot of context and conversation is needed to take this from being a fun to use app to being an app that positively impacts learning outcomes. Teachers understand this and we often move quickly to a conversation about how movie trailers support that same strategies we look to develop in our readers. For example, it is very difficult to make a movie trailer without summarizing a bigger idea, and implying certain details. At the same time when viewing a movie trailer, we engage in prediction, inference, and visualization.

At this point the search is on for “context”. By this I mean a valuable link to curriculum, or a defined purpose for the trailer (which addresses expectations around purpose, form, and audience from the media curriculum). I have seen many great examples from our system of iMovie trailers based on books being studied in literature circles or class novel studies, to create previews or summaries of units such as Medieval Times in grade 4, or to promote events within the school such as the Eco-Team, intra-murals, or extra-curricular clubs.

This week I was sent two great examples from Anderdon Public School. These student-created videos were made for Kindergarten open house and show not only the professional-looking product the students are able to make using the iMovie app on the iPad, but also the quality of work they can produce when given a meaningful context for their media creations.

What are the ways you use iMovie linked to curriculum? Feel free to share in the comments!

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