GECDSB School Computer Contacts

One of the many ways my board supports the use of technology in our schools is through the funding of our ‘Computers in Education Site Contact’ (CIESC) meetings.

The CIESC is a voluntary position taken by a teacher in every one of our schools. The role has two main functions. Firstly, these are the people in the school who report issues and faults to the IT department and liaise with the technicians assigned to the school to ensure that the necessary work is done to maintain our equipment. Secondly, they take on the mantle of ‘champion for technology’ in their schools, promoting and supporting the use of technology in the classroom amongst the teachers, administrators and students.

Each year, I get to spend three full days of release time working with this talented group. This year, for the first time, principals have also joined these meetings as we discuss the role technology can play in school improvement, addressing student needs, and their collaborative inquiry focus. Unfortunately, due to the current political climate, principals are unable to attend our latest round of meetings.

The meetings are always fun for me and a great chance to hear first hand many of the great things that are happening in our schools. They are also a chance for CIESC’s to address concerns directly with members of our IT Services team, which helps them to get a clearer picture of the system and inform their supports accordingly.

From a planning perspective, these meetings are always a challenge. There is a wide range of understanding and confidence in our schools and it is a very difficult balance to strike in these sessions between too technical and not technical enough.

Today was the first round our second session of the year. The plan for this round of meetings is to explore more deeply the ways we are using iPads in the classroom, focused specifically on four apps (iMovie, Toontastic, Strip Designer, and Book Creator).

The performance challenge for iMovie was to create a trailer. This was the first time several of the participants had engaged in this activity and they clearly enjoyed it. Here is an example from @lawler:

Another example can be found here by @gr6d

I am sure many more great examples will be created over the next four meeting dates. I am also sure that those who engaged in this activity today will use this app with their own students in the near future. Thanks to all for the enthusiastic contributions!

EDIT: Here is another creation. Thanks @mlbrackmartin

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  1. Sounds like I am missing out on some great learning. Loved the one trailer but I was unable to play the other one. This is an amazing group of dedicated people. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Shelley. Hopefully we can do similar learning with the coaches soon…!

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