Visible Learning Session 1 Group E

  1. MikeThrasher80
    Forster loves Destination Postcards! Joe is our artist! Renaissance man #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 10:12:21
  2. yvonnepetta
    #gecdsbvl I am so proud of the team I have here today they are so engaged in the process that it will improve student learning.
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 07:59:10
  3. sharses
    #gecdsbvl Great discussion at Century VL team on what it means to make connections and find the main idea.#centurypd
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 07:16:19
  4. sharses
    #gecdsbvl Ten Commandments of Twitter
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 07:04:35
  5. melcal1616
    #gecdsbvl: Go Tigers!
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 07:02:45
  6. sharses
    #gecdsbvl An example of a student learning need for Meaning Making: making meaningful connections.
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 06:57:07
  7. CatieEwan
    #gecdsbvl Princess Elizabeth is excited to be collaborating with Parkview!
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 06:55:07
  8. sharses
    #gecdsbvl Making Meaning network beginning work on identifying what is and what isn’t a student learning need.
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 06:42:50
  9. melcal1616
    #gecdsbvl Go Tigers!
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 06:39:11
  10. sharses
    #gecdsbvl Be willing to be vulnerable and open to new ideas is important to learning. My obstacle to learning? Being overly serious.
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 06:30:26
  11. sharses
    #gecdsbvl Sharing reflections re VL. Power in numbers, ownership, progressive , choice
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 06:23:27

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