Visible Learning Session 1 Group B

  1. SandyGall71
    #gecdsbvl I’m starting to think deeper about mathematical concepts.


  2. SandyGall71
    #gecdsbvl Great day of sharing student needs and strategies that can support students.
  3. knightchris
    #gecdsbvl great to see @johnhowi join us for lunch!
  4. zoroms
    #gecdsbvl KEPS- if we embed accountable talk in every stage of the PS process then our students will be able to communicate their thinking
  5. knightchris
    What a busy morning! Great conversations about what communication in math really means to each school #gecdsbvl
  6. lassie13
    How does a culture of collaborative inquiry dovetail with the work of the BIPSA and the SIPSA? #gecdsbvl
  7. zoroms
    #gecdsbvl great discussion around the connection between vocabulary and conceptual understanding in math
  8. Krismarentette
    #gecdsbvl MCBs student need reframed is for students to communicate their thinking with clarity (in all subject areas).
  9. Krismarentette
    #gecdsbvl have to give ourselves permission to slow down and focus on the most important student need
  10. benbalkwill
    We need more time to refine our ‘greatest need’. Feeling rushed right now. #gecdsbvl
  11. knightchris
    Great conversation on what makes a cognitive need for our students #gecdsbvl
  12. LComartin
    #gecdsbvl. Excited but nervous about this process. Got a great team of people to work with. 🙂
  13. Krismarentette
    #gecdsbvl we need to narrow our focus and implement those key strategies very well.
  14. LuvmyACE
    Good morning VL teams. Enjoy the learning! #gecdsbvl
  15. Krismarentette
    #gecdsbvl integrating the arts cross curricular certainly increases student engagement and motivation
  16. zoroms
    #gecdsbvl excited for the learning today. KEPS has a great team!

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