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Visible Learning Day 1 Group A

  1. MsTMathias
    John Campbell Action Plan #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 11:34:28
  2. shelpike
    #gecdsbvl thinks our Prince Andrew team rocks!
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 11:33:46
  3. MrsTarte
    What table are you selling cookies?
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 11:28:52
  4. MrsTarte
    Great time of reflection and discussions at the Roseville table!!
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 11:27:32
  5. MrsTarte
    Finally narrowing our theory of action!!! Thank you to our consultants an SAO’s for respecting our cups..
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 11:16:22
  6. HowittClara
    #gecdsbvl so very impressed with the level of conversations. I am so excited to see the learning in the hands of principals and teachers!
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 11:08:58
  7. JonesBrennan
    If my table continues this discussion, then we will come up with some great theories of action #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 11:07:16
  8. Lawler
    #gecdsbvl Here’s Talbot Trail’s theory of action.. If our students use a common problem solving model they will…
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 11:00:53
  9. lassie13
    Keeping up with VL while out at TVA. Sounds like there is positive intention. #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 10:55:04
  10. SouthwoodSabres
    #gecdsbvl Southwood Sabres are tweeting! Keep up the energy!!
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 10:04:11
  11. Lawler
    Here’s Talbot Trail’s work… Thank goodness we have an artist on staff! #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 10:02:54
  12. MsTMathias
    Campbell’s Destination Utopia #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 10:00:14
  13. scamp_73
    I’m selling Girl Guide cookies. You know you want them for break time. #gecdsbvl #afternoonpickmeup
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 09:58:00
  14. Lawler
    “A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron.” Horace Mann #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 09:32:01
  15. relentlessinnov
    It’s very inspiring to come together, through our differing experiences and ideas, for the purpose of identifying a common focus.
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 08:38:10
  16. relentlessinnov
    What an awesome gathering of curious minds in the room today!
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 08:35:24
  17. shelpike
    #gecdsbvl we got great ideas from our milling to the music activity!
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 08:31:31
  18. JonesBrennan
    What does “light lunch” mean?? #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 08:28:06
  19. sdoherty567
    Students need to making meaning of the problem/task in order to approach it. #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 08:22:28
  20. andriastg
    Learning happens through collaboration and the level of collaboration is through the roof today!!!! #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 07:50:03
  21. Lawler
    We’re also working on bringing our learning back to the school and other teachers. #gecdsbvl Found a PLC focus! Problem solving model….
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 07:32:21
  22. Lawler
    Talbot Trail is currently developing a problem solving model that meets the needs of our students. #gecdsbvl We’re driving the bus!
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 07:29:58
  23. burke_mrs
    My first twitter post! Glad it’s here with the VL team. #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 06:49:19
  24. MrsTarte
    #gecdsbvl is “a solid understanding of basic operations to compute fluently” a student learning need?…
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 06:46:50
  25. MsTMathias
    Campbell is committed to improving our students’ learning (as well as our own). Couldn’t ask for a better team! #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 06:25:54
  26. MsTMathias
    So great that Early Years are included! #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 06:07:46
  27. MrsTarte
    Roseville is happy to have 2 new members on our team!!!
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 06:04:58
  28. HSHornet
    Getting ready to learn with six of my teachers at our first Visible Learning Session for the year. Ready to ‘Get to Work.’. #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 05:54:30
  29. knightchris
    “I’m really thinking about the kid’s learning” #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 05:46:51
  30. knightchris
    “These have been the most inspiring, valuable workshops…” #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 05:46:06
  31. shelpike
    #gecdsbvl excited to be here for the first VL session!
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 05:42:31
  32. knightchris
    Welcome to #gecdsbvl please share your thoughts through the day as we learn together
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 05:42:30
  33. knightchris
    Tomorrow is the first session of #gecdsbvl please use this hash tag to share your group’s ideas.
    Tue, Oct 09 2012 09:26:34
  34. knightchris
    Final planning session #gecdsbvl
    Thu, Oct 04 2012 07:43:00
  35. knightchris
    Final preparation today for #gecdsbvl looking forward to working with group a and b next week. Will you be there? #gecdsb
    Thu, Oct 04 2012 06:42:43
  36. lassie13
    Andy Hargreaves writes, “Professional capital is about communities of teachers using best and next practices together. #gecdsbvl
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 08:14:39
  37. lassie13
    Bringing people together doesn’t necessarily produce better outcomes, unless the collaborative work engages people in the process.#gecdsbvl
    Tue, Oct 02 2012 13:06:05
  38. lassie13
    Thinking ahead to #gecdsbvl sessions. Teacher collaboration. Shared learning.
    Tue, Oct 02 2012 12:52:38