An Update Part Two

Well that didn’t go the way it was planned! The SharePoint solution still is not ready and my inclination to blog has been gone. I think I am still somewhat intimated by the need to post regularly and not the time to do it.

So, new plan…!

I had started another blog as part of a Media AQ course. I am going to copy those posts here. I am no longer waiting for SharePoint – my blog here will be syndicated there when it is ready.

I just spent the week in San Diego at the ISTE 2012 conference. I realised that daily blogging is not a requirement and that blogs as and when the mood strikes are usually full of more depth and feeling than those who are striving to blog every day as this is the routine they have set for themselves (resulting in many superficial posting in many case, in my opinion).

So, on the last day of the school year, I am committing myself to blogging on whatever schedule my thoughts and mood dictate. It may end up more a private journal than a blog with an audience, but even that will help me out.

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