A Post for My Course

I am currently taking an online course and am required to post in a blog some of my thoughts. Rather than create a new one, I am adding it to here.

My philosophy for using technology continues to develop and evolve. One thing I can categorically state is that technology is a tool and how, where and why it is used are the key. Poor teaching practice that incorporates technology doesn’t suddenly become good teaching practice. Technology is a tool, and it will only ever support good teaching, not create it. Technology should be used with a specific purpose and to meet a specific goal.

Three Things I Have Learned in This Course So Far:

1. To be more cognizant of the needs of IEP/Special Education students in the planning and execution of my lessons, particularly being more aware of the assistive technologies available in the classroom.

2. The idea that the way we can assess student understanding has changed has been reinforced. One well-considered inquiry question, often incorporating technology, can give a far more accurate indication as to the depth of student understanding than traditional forms of assessment.

3. I am becoming more aware of just how many educators want to be effective users of technology but don’t have the time, support or access to resources.

Three Ideas to Become a Better Leader

1. Continue to canvas need and opinion of teachers prior to making decisions.

2. Continue to ‘lead by example’ by demonstrating and sharing skills and resources.

3. Be available to provide ongoing, job-embedded learning opportunities for teachers that reflect their current level of skill, not the desired level of the system (ie. meeting people where they are at).

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  1. What do you see as the future of this Blog? I like the way you used it to communicate to colleagues in its former life. What now?

  2. Good question! I am in a holding pattern until I see the functionality of the SharePoint system and determine how I will use that. Having a blog on there will be a requirement for my job, so I may copy this content over and use it there. Whatever the vehicle, as of September I will be moving away from a monthly newsletter and going back to blogging on a regular basis. Perhaps reverse this process and use the blog content to populate a monthly newsletter.

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