“But Where Can I Get These Ideas?”

In my role as an instructional coach I was frequently asked to model lessons and effective teaching and learning strategies. As a teacher who incorporates technology into much of what I do, these lessons usually contained some component of technology, most commonly the use of an interactive whiteboard or a web 2.0 type application.

I found that once teachers were comfortable with the logistics of the board (where do the wires go? Where do I put the board? How do I orient the board? etc) they were struck with the realization that they had no ideas on how to integrate content into their lessons. The question I was most frequently asked was “where do I get the ideas from”.

I like to keep links to web resources, and was always happy to share the content I have created. The web pages I most often recommended where those that provide ideas rather than resources. In my experience, all to often when provided a resource, teachers skip over the requirement to think for themselves.

Via a twitter post by @web20classroom, I found the site “Ideas to Inspire“. The organization of the site makes it very easy, with content divide by curriculum, hardware and software. It also appears to be a network effort in many ways, and seems sure to be a growing resource.

This site is an excellent resource for ideas and will certainly be high on my ‘recommended sites’ list next time a teacher asks me “But Where Can I Get Ideas?”.

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