Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

I just found this article which perfectly reflected many of things I have been thinking about recently. We as educators have an understanding that the world we are preparing our students for is one where the ability to use and understand technology is critical, but do we fully grasp the implications that has for our everyday teaching?

The graphic shown from educational origami outlines many key roles an educator is now required to fill. One of the most interesting aspects of my job as an instructional coach has been talking to teachers about the difference between ‘teaching’ and ‘facilitating learning opportunities’. The roles outlined in the article very definitely lean towards the teacher as a facilitator and co-learner.

21st century educators must model what it means to be a learner and how information should be received and processed in the age of technology. As outlined in the Ontario School Library Association’s document “Together for Learning“, students are having an increasingly difficult time making meaningful connections between what they learn at school and the skills they need in the outside world. as educators our responsibility is to make those links apparent and model what it is not only to be a 21st century teacher, but also a 21st century learner.

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