Supporting Teacher’s Learning

I am genuinely proud to work for an employer who sees the value in supporting teachers with a job-embedded model of professional development. I have spent the past year working as an “instructional coach”, one of 19 hired by my district to serve 61 elementary schools. In addition to this we have at least one coach per school in the secondary panel.

Perhaps the most innovative model however, is our “paired” math coaches. These two coaches work as a team to support math instruction at the intermediate level. Their work was recently featured in the Staff Development Council of Ontario’s monthly newsletter and has been making a significant impact on math instruction with grade 7 and 8 teachers.

One of the reasons I like the work of these coaches is that they are passionate about developing the use of technology in the intermediate classroom. They model and support the use of “Gizmos“, they create easy-to-use yet exciting materials with Smart Notebook, and they keep a blog which provides ongoing support and resources to intermediate math teachers.

The math coaches are currently only available on an ‘application’ basis. I would strongly advise anyone with access to them to apply for this outstanding professional learning opportunity. In the meantime, bookmark the blog and check in regularly for activities to support your Grade 7 and 8 math instruction.

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