Maybe I Missed The Point?

After my recent post questioning the merits of Twitter, I had several conversations with colleagues on the topic. Invariably we got on to discussing our internet viewing habits, exchanging the sites we regularly visit and the blogs we try to keep tabs on. I, as I assume most do, have a pretty standard routine of sites I visit every morning and then others I try to check in on through the day. I have made use of RSS feeds to keep up with them, I have used Tizmos to access direct from my homepage, and enjoyed the most viewed feature of Google Chrome. In short, I had a routine I was happy with.

The Twitter conversations got on to the topic of how this routine can be streamlined by using Twitter and then expanded with the extra time created. I was skeptical. My experience of Facebook and Twitter had led me to view it as little more than self-indulgence. However, I promised to explore with an open mind.

Over the last two days I have created a new Twitter account, linked it to my blog and spent several hours trawling for people who might link content I am interested in, including those who were part of my daily routine.

The results thus far have been interesting to say the least. I am wondering how I am ever going to find time to read everything I am being sent. Because I approached this with a purpose, I have basically excluded the self-indulgent and am inundated with the fascinating. The point I made in my initial post was that Twitter seemed an important tool for those with an audience and platform. What I did not realize or know, was that it was also beneficial for an audience with a purpose.

I am happy to have gone through this process. I aim to teach students to engage in critical analysis, to find the strengths and weaknesses of materials in front of them. By focusing on just one aspect of Twitter, I missed the bigger picture. Count me in as someone who has seen the value of this service and am excited to explore its potential to impact learning in our classrooms.

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