Last week I attended a presentation by Dr. Barrie Bennett, author of the book “Graphic Intelligence”. I have already posted on Dr. Bennett’s questioning techniques, but today wanted to think about some of the practical ideas he presented for the classroom. Dr. Bennett made no links to the potential to include technology or web 2.0 features in his work, but the possibilities are clear.

The activity I was most taken with was called “Placemat“. Placemat is a co-operative learning opportunity where a group of three or four children divide a page and each take a section. They then brainstorm everything they can think of related to a given prompt.

Immediately my mind turned to tools such as Google docs for collaborative writing and editing. I was then fortunate to be pointed towards this site, This site allows you to create a document and invite people to collaborate. Each participant is given a different colour and their contributions can be seen “live” by their collaborators. The ability to import templates from Microsoft Word further extends the possibilities for collaboration using this tool.

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